Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl


Biography / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michellemedeiros885 5 / 10

A mediocre movie that could have been improved with some little details

The movie is based on the true history of bruna surfistinha and her best seller book, it has a good performance of Deborah Seco but no other acting that stands out, some time she carried the film.

Deborah's body contributes a lot for pulling up the scenes and to catch the attention, but give to the character an innocent and naive air plus the beauty witch the original "bruna" does not possess. And it can make you believe that this is the "thing" that made bruna different from the others. A flaw in the film is that dos not give the deserved attention to blog made by her, which truly made her different from the others and induced her fame.

The another flaw in my opinion was the failing to expose what made her run way from home to became a call girl. In the beginning she is trapped by a guy with she goes out, people laughed at her on school and she have problems at home but nothing that sufficiently explains the motive ,this part cold have been explored in a way to make it a deeper movie. Yet it has some good scenes and retracts the reality in a crud way, without too much emotionalism but also without been appellative or grouse. The nudity give some sparks but does not became uncomfortable or like soft porn what is common in Brazilian movies. The soundtrack fits pretty well to the moments and deserves recognition.

Despite some good insides the movie is mediocre and only is worth to watch if you don't have any expectations for something deeper.

Reviewed by kvkjid 6 / 10

This movie could easily have been much better

Prostitute writes blog, prostitute markets herself with a surfer image and prostitute becomes consequently a Brazilian national celebrity (true story). More than enough for an interesting story about an interesting person. Then, …. where did it go wrong?

The movie simply fails to provide deeper insight into what made Bruna Surfistinha special, rather than exploring the above mentioned interesting facts about her, the script decides to follow the day to day activities of probably any average prostitute.

Rather than focusing on the blog, the creation and positioning of the surfer image and the national TV appearances, the story shows mainly the following: prostitute makes good money, prostitute gets addicted, prostitute loses everything, glamor turns into hard labor and drug abuse leads to hospitalization.

The acting however carries this superficial script (especially the lead actress): a beautiful example of actor added value. A lesser cast and the movie would have been a total disaster.

Reviewed by Rubens Junior 7 / 10

Not the best thing, but also not the worst.

'Bruna Surfistinha' is the story of Rachel Pacheco, an adopted Brazilian girl that constantly suffered from bullying and, feeling apart of everyone, leaved her house and family at age of 18 in search for independence to prove herself and the others that she could be someone special. Then she finds a job opportunity that could give what she was so desperately wanting. She really didn't care if it's from sex, she just wanted to make money and achieve her objectives. "More sex, more money", that's what she thinks to keep surviving.

During her hooker years, Bruna Surfistinha did start maintaining a blog, writing about her sexual experiences with her different clients, giving them special and personalized treatment in bed and also reviews and ratings about their performance in her blog, making them some kind special and taking each one of them away from their miserable unhappy life they lived in. She conquered their appreciation and the anonymous mouth-to-mouth publicity made her one of the most desirable prostitutes at that time. The blog was a successful step making her famous and respected in her business. She made a lot of money with important and rich people, living in a first class condo and having everything she ever wanted.

'What comes easy goes easy', that's what people say. Not as easy as it's supposed, but everything did go as easy as said. With her successful sex business she overrated herself and meantime became addicted to drugs, fell in depression and lost almost everything, coming back to where she started: from nowhere. Then she reemerged, got all the money she needed back to stop living from sex and wrote a best seller called "O Doce Veneno do Escorpião" (The Sweet Poison Of The Scorpion) in which the movie is based on.

That's how she became famous in Brazil. All of this - except the book episode - is in the movie.

When the film was announced many people laughed and thought it was a joke, because it's not necessary read the book to know that Rachel Pacheco (aka Bruna Surfistinha) isn't a Diablo Cody (the American ex-stripper who also became famous as a blogger and won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for 2007's Juno). Her fame was much more a popular response against taboo than just a natural talent. Even so, the book and the life of Rachel Pacheco offered enough material for a movie that fulfills its intents.

Unlike what was previously believed, the film is surprising in all aspects. Even looking like a TV movie sometimes, the debut direction of Marcus Baldini worth some attention. The well developed screenplay with natural and accurate dialogs is also a plus. The cast, the soundtrack and the edition - which is largely responsible for most of the movie's development - are top of note here. The cinematography sometimes are beautiful and intensifies some dramatic and erotic moments without being appealing. Also, nudity and sex scenes here are just used objectively and never being abusive or compelling, very different from some ordinary titles that uses nudity and sex just as an instrument to attract audience which is very expected here but never delivers more than the necessary. The movie can easily be defined as some kind of Christiane F (1981) meets Pretty Woman (1990) because Bruna is what Julia Roberts' character would be without Richard Gere.

The movie is a slap on the face of those who underestimated its quality just by its topic. Deborah Secco, known in Brazil for her roles in soap operas since she was a teenager, finally grew up as an actress because the movie succeeds most by her performance. Credits should also be given to the supporting actresses, especially Drica Moraes (as madam Larissa), the greatness of her work is evident every time she appears.

'Bruna Surfistinha' never tries to give the character a martyr neither a heroin image, she's just someone that simply got the job and now is suffering its consequences. Much less tries to make her life a modern fairy tale being - perhaps - screenplay's greatest advantage and also what makes the movie never fall into cheap emotionalism.

For sure it's not the best thing you will ever watch, but also not the worst. Obviously it needs to be watched as a movie and not as a biographical thing with some lessons you need to learn because even the ugliest truth becomes a beautiful thing in movies, that's why it's worth watching without any profound expectations.

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